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Lux Radio Theatre 

Cary made appearances on several radio shows, but did many performances on The Lux Radio Theatre. This was sponsored by Lever Brothers, and Cecil B. DeMille directed many of the broadcast. 

Other Cary Grant Radio Appearances

  • Hollywood on Air: Trailer for Suzy; 1936; w/Franchot Tone, Cary Grant, Jean Harlow
  • The Circle; NBC 1/22/1939;
    A one-season radio show sponsored by Kellogg's Corn Flakes.  It featured unrestrained round-table discussions on everything from current events to the arts.  Master of ceremonies duties alternated between Ronald Colman, Madeleine Carroll, Carol Lombard, Cary Grant, Groucho and Chico Marx.  The show lasted only a few months and became one of the most talked about failures on the radio. 
  • FCC Station Identification Regulations; NBC 1939; hilariously sung by Cary Grant
  • Alone in Paris; 4/30/1039; w/ Irene Dunne; Screen Guild Theatre
  • Hollywood British Colony Broadcast; 6/1939
    When British King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited the United States, they attended a picnic at the Hyde Park estate of President Franklin Roosevelt.  To coincide with the picnic, actors in Hollywood's British colony (including David Niven, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Erroll Flynn, Ronald Colman and Cary Grant) took part in a live broadcast for the occasion.
  • Gulf Screen Guild Theatre; 9/24/1939
    Grant made a guest appearance along with Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Ann Sothern.  Stars were not paid for their appearance, but their fees were given to Motion Picture Relief Fund to build a home for those stars who could no longer take care of themselves.
  • Wings in the Dark; CBS 1939; Silver Theatre; w/Phyllis Brooks
  • Romeo and Juliet; CBS 1939; Silver Theatre; guest appearance w/Irene Dunne
  • Radio Guild Air Show; 2/11/1940; substitutes for William Powell
  • His Girl Friday; CBS 3/30/41; w/ R. Russell; Gulf Screen Guild Show
  • Penny Serenade; 1941; Gulf Screen Guild Theatre; w/Irene Dunne
  • Screen Guild Theater: 'Take A Letter Darling'; 11/9/1942
    Cary with Rosalind Russell and Edward Everett Horton

  • Islands in the Sky; CBS, 5/24/1943
    Ceiling Unlimited; 11/9/1942-1944; A series of patriotic drama centering around aviation.  Original 15-minute programs were written, directed and produced by Orson Welles.  Narrated by Patrick McGeehan and sponsored by Lockheed Vega.
  • Where from Here; CBS, 5/31/1943
    Ceiling Unlimited; 11/9/1942-1944; A series of patriotic drama centering around aviation.  Original 15-minute programs were written, directed and produced by Orson Welles.  Narrated by Patrick McGeehan and sponsored by Lockheed Vega.
  • San Diego Pepsident Show w/Bob Hope; for the women in the armed services
  • War Bond Speech; 4/26/1943
  • Eddie Cantor Show; NBC, 5/19/43
  • Theodora Goes Wild; 11/29/1943; Front Line Theatre; w/Irene Dunne
  • Suspense - Black Curtain; CBS; 12/2/43
  • Screen Guild Theater: 'True to Life'; 2/7/1944
    Cary with Linda Darnell and William Demarest

  • The Abbott and Costello Program; NBC, 4/6/1944
  • The Doctor Fights; CBS, 6/6/1944; guest appearance w/Raymond Massey.  This program saluted wartime doctors and was sponsored by the manufacturers of penicillin. (The sound isn't great but it improves greatly after the first 15 minutes.)
  • Command Performance; 7/22/1944; w/Ronald Colman; Ginny Simms
  • Command Performance #34; w/Spike Jones, R. Stevens, E. Waters, Abbott & Costello
  • Suspense - The Black Curtain; CBS, 11/30/1944
  • Hollywood Startime; Blue Network, 1944
    Lunchtime show featured interviews with stars eating at the RKO commissary
  • The Ghost Goes West; CBS 1/15/46
    Theatre of Romance; CBS, 1944-1946; Originally broadcast from New York, this series featured romantic stories and "stars of proven romantic appeal."  It moved to Hollywood in 1945 and was sponsored by Colgate.
  • The Dinah Shore Show; NBC, 1945
  • Victory Extra; 8/14/1945; Command Performance
  • Talk of the Town; CBS, 1/6/1946; w/Herbert Marshall & Marguerite Chapman; Hollywood Startime
  • Suspicion; 1/21/1946; w/Loretta Young, Nigel Bruce, Truman Bradley (announcer)

  • Suspense - Black Path of Fear; 3/7/46
  • Suspicion;  10/30/46; w/Ann Todd; Academy Award Theatre 
  • The Uplifters - Burns & Allen; NBC; 2/13/47
  • The Philadelphia Story;  CBS 3/17/47; w/Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn & James Stewart; Lady Esther Screen Guild Players
  • Maxwell House Coffee Time; 2/13/1947; Appeared w/George Burns and Gracie Allen.  Marrying Cary Grant to Gracie's Cousin.
  • Maxwell House Coffee Time; 10/16/1947; Appeared w/George Burns and Gracie Allen.  Gracie played Grant's secretary to Bea Benaderet's movie columnist.
  • Maxwell House Coffee Time; 10/30/1947; w/Hans Conried and Gale Gordon
  • Uplift Society; 11/13/1947; a parody of Hollywood social life
  • The Bishop's Wife; 03/01/48; Loretta Young and David Niven; Screen Guild Players(59mb)
  • Suspense - Hitchiker Poker;  9/16/48; w/Gregory Peck
  • Kraft Music Hall; 3/4/1949; w/Al Jolson, Oscar Levant, Ken Carpenter & Lou Bring and his orchestra
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House; 7/1/1949 w/Frances Robinson; Screen Directors Playhouse
  • Signal To The World, Cavalcade of America episode dated November 8, 1949, is an historical drama and tells the true story of Robert Townsend. It was against the religious convictions of Quaker Robert Townsend to practice violence or carry weapons, but his ingenuity and courage made him the key man in one of the most effective spy rings ever known. Posing as a prosperous merchant in support of the Torys, Townsend had many friends among the British officers, including their Commander-in-Chief Sir Henry Clinton. When the British suspected who the spy might be, they seized Townsend's wife Susan, and he had to make a choice between his religious convictions and his patriotism. Hopefully it will prove another good addition to the website and interest all the CG radio program fans out there.
  • Mr. Lucky; NBC, 1/20/1950; Screen Directors Playhouse
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House; 06/09/1950; w/Betsy Drake; Screen Directors Playhouse

  • Shadow of a Doubt; 11/9/1950; w/Betsy Drake
    Screen Directors Playhouse
  • Suspense - On a Country Road; CBS, 11/16/1950; w/Cathy Lewis
  • My Favorite Wife; 12/17/1950; w/Irene Dunne
    Screen Directors Playhouse
  • Mr. and Mrs. Blandings; NBC, c1951
    (See episode list below - dates are guesstimations)
    After the success of Grant's film, it was decided that a radio show based on the movie and starring Grant and his wife Betsy Drake might be successful, too.  The critics were not enthusiastic about the adventures of Jim and Muriel Blandings, and the reviews were not good.  Grant blamed the show's problems on poor writing, and turned down many scripts until he found an acceptable one - one written by his wife.  Sponsored by Trans World Airlines, the show never caught on.
    The New Highway aka The New Freeway or The New Home - 11/8/50**
    Jim is on Television aka Television, Friend or Foe - 2/22/51**
    Selling the House - 3/18/51**
    Twin Lakes Lodge aka Twin Oaks Lodge aka My Tulip Bulbs - 4/8/51
    Involved in Nature aka Little Susan Plans to Run Away aka Youth Hike - 4/29/51**
    Repairing the Barn aka Repairing the Old Barn - 5/6/51**
    Amateur Play - 1951
    Anniversary for Three - 1951
    Lilly La Marr aka Lily Lamar - 1951
    Measles - 1951
    The Old Boyfriend aka The Old Girlfriend - 1951
  • Radiothon; 1970s; Grant appeared in this radiothon for the Leukemia Foundation playing the part of a concerned parent asking a doctor questions about leukemia.
  • People You'd Like to Know - Another find is only interesting in that it was recorded by Dorothy Kilgallen from a short series called 'People you'd like to know' and I thought I would attach just to let you hear it as it is really just a novelty.

Special thanks to Dorothy Glennon, Jack Haverty, Cheryl Trahan, Karen Bezman, 
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* from Calfkiller Old Time Radio Podcast
** from Internet Archives

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